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Coffee, that great morning eye-opener and body starter, has been around for a long time. In fact, there are entire Web sites solely devoted to coffee and its history. 

Coffee, that great morning eye opener and body starter has been around for a long time. In fact, there are entire web sites solely devoted to coffee and its history. Let me show you some interesting coffee web sites about coffee and its history.

Coffee became so popular in the 17th century that Coffee houses opened up all over Europe and in America. Intellectuals gathered at the local coffee house to discuss the latest issues of the day. These houses were even considered a threat to the established governments. Monarchs like George II, called them "Houses of Sedition" and they tried to ban them.

Coffee Facts

  1. Until the 17th century all the coffee of commerce came from Arabia.
  2. Coffee cultivation began in the Americas in the early 1700s.
  3. Most of the coffee trees of the Western Hemisphere are said to be descended from a single plant. It was carried from a botanical garden in France to the island of Martinique in the West Indies by Captain Gabriel Mathieu de Clieu, a young military officer. He kept the tree alive during an arduous voyage by sharing with it his limited ration of drinking water.
  4. Coffee was first grown in Brazil in 1729.
  5. In the middle 1600s the drink was introduced into Europe and North America.
  6. Coffeehouses soon became centers for literary and political discussion. Rulers periodically attempted to suppress them; King Charles II of England termed coffeehouses "seminaries of sedition."
  7. When it became known that roasting coffee beans brought out their flavor, roasted beans were crushed, boiled in water, and then consumed grounds and all.
  8. Spices were often added to the brew. In Egypt soon after 1600, sugar was added to cut the bitterness of coffee.
  9. The use of milk became common in the late 1600s.
  10. In Scandinavia and colonial America, eggs were added to reduce bitterness.
  11. J.S. Bach wrote a Coffee Cantata.

Coffee Sites

Now take a look at these interesting Web sites that discuss coffee history and provide more information about this drink.

  1. Coffee Cultivation and History
    From the Lavazza Training Center, take a look into the in depth history of coffee.
  2. Coffee Plants
    The Gourmet Coffee Club, explains what the Coffee plant is and the three types of coffee.
  3. Coffee History Timeline
    This is an interesting timeline of Coffee history by the Donut Gallery.