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For centuries the medicine was traditionally based but gradually using of science the medical transformed in a disciplined way. Based on the intellectual and evident based the medical research developed different medicine for diseases and saves peoples lives. Medical education importance is increasing day by day because lots of diseases spread all over the world and medical researchers continuously finding the root cause of the disease and develop antidotes for it. 

Medical education is education which is related to the practice of being a medical practitioner. Medical colleges welcome to students and provide training in healthcare and medicine. in starting the medical facility is available only in urban areas but now the medical facility is available in urban as well as the rural area also.

Now the medical community set a program for study in medicine which will help people to study in a proper way and serves the community of people. Both the practice of medicine and medical education are therefore hybrid. Education in medicine discipline is of different types like problem-based learning, Evidence-based learning, and clinical guidelines. if we talk about 18 century the people are suffering from pain and premature death from disease in the beginning but some people take steps to improve the health and find the solution for the disease. As time passes need of medical education arises and colleges open for learning about medicine. In England, at the beginning of the eighteen century, a medical education could be secured only in London. The history of the medical field show people adopts different approaches to cure illness and disease as the time change.

Few no of Qualifying physicians was present in this century. Surgeon carried out operations such as bleeding, fractures and rarely attempted dangerous cases but in 18-century lack of knowledge and technology The treatment is not done properly. For these conditions,s the medical department develop the education pattern and give priority to the medical colleges.

the allopathic medicine introduces in the eighteenth century. If we talk about the medical education college in 18 century only 4 colleges are existed these names are:

  • The University of Pennsylvania (1765)
  • king's college (1767)
  • harvard (1782)
  • Dartmouth (1797)

But in the modern medical school should not only focus on the highest level of teaching but also concentrated on and committed to the discovery of new knowledge through research. the new teaching method is extremely costly in comparison to medical education was in the 18th century. In modern time focus on the work on an individual area like the surgeon, orthopedic, anesthesia etc. but as time passes medical education is very costly and lots of private colleges offered MBBS course but fees are very high. so everyone can't get admission in government colleges. currently, lots of branches in Medical fields are introduced and specialize in the particular field. these areas are Forensic medicine, physiology, pharmacology, community medicine, Pathology, Orthopedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Anesthesiology etc. If you are looking for medical education in abroad you must check this link. Medical education importance increase in the modern era. finally, we can say that Medical Education Transformed in the 19th century.