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Plagiarism is considered a curse for every academic writing activity. Students have to avoid plagiarism in all types of writing activities provided by the teachers. Plagiarism results in the writing when students try to copy and paste the exact information from other sources while using the same wordings and not giving the credit to the real author of the information. 

Dissertation writing demands to have Plagiarism free writing results. A dissertation full of plagiarism can be rejected by the instructors. It is not easy to avoid plagiarism as there are many types of plagiarism that can occur in the document unintentionally. However, professional UK dissertation writers can help you out to understand the procedures and the steps that are involved to avoid plagiarism throughout the research process.

Let's see some of the basic steps that can help you out to avoid the pressure is effectively and efficiently.

The first step is to find the relevant information that can support your selected topic of the dissertation.

Once selected, make sure that you refresh the entire information into your own words. One thing that students need to make sure of is to not hurt the real meaning of the information throughout rephrasing.

After rephrasing the information, provide the citation right after the information. The citation includes the name of the author and the year of Publication for the specific information. This particular step helps to give credit to the real author and to avoid Plagiarism at the same time.

Provide references for the sources of information at the end of the dissertation. References include the complete links to the sources of information that are used throughout the dissertation. The only difference between citation and references is that citation is concise with the name of the author and the year of publication, while references are incomplete details.