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Today, few people understand why to teach history and even consider that this is a boring occupation. Unfortunately, this situation is very common among children. Moreover, most parents do not see the need to focus on the study of this discipline. One reason why this happens is because of a misunderstanding of the benefits of history. 

It is important to understand that a person without historical thinking is vulnerable to propaganda, defenseless before agitation, and becomes open to any ideologies. This can be a major reason to start learning history with your child. But this is not the whole list of reasons why history is so vital. Let’s look at the importance of history with 5 examples from the 18th century and develop in your child an interest in this significant discipline.

1. Teach Your Child That It Is Real Not to Repeat Global Mistakes

Everyone perceives all the tragic mistakes of their ancestors as an experience that is not worth repeating in the modern world. Therefore, one of the first reasons why it is worth studying history with a child is the ability to analyze the mistakes of the past, improve morale and ethical qualities and try to avoid the repetition of such mistakes. Therefore, history is one of the best disciplines that help to learn how to extract mistakes from the past and prevent them in the future.

An example of developing the above skills is the connection between the American Revolutionary War (1775-1787) and the Nat Turner (1831) rebellion. Analyze with your child how the uprising affected the outbreak of civil war, and also examine the relationship regarding the abolition of serfdom. In addition to the analysis, it would not be out of place to make own conclusions regarding these events.

2. Explain Him We Can Get Experience from Historical Events

Any historical event is an invaluable experience, regardless of what year it took place. Any event is applicable to modern life and can be perceived as an invaluable lesson.

Studying history allows people to think over all events, analyze and come to the conclusion as to how to act on the basis of the experience of their ancestors. At the same time, it’s not enough just to get acquainted with some historical event, but to analyze it together with the child and think about how the outcome of the event to apply in the context of the modern world.

The American Revolution (1775-1783) is interesting and important for study, although it is one of the most successful revolutions in the world. It covers a lot of important events that are suitable for analyzing the situation from different angles. It is interesting to establish the reasons why this revolution arose, when the economy seemed to go up, taxes were available and there was a general victory over the seven-year war.

In this context, discuss humanity issues with your child. In what ways should modern mankind respond to what does not suit them? What previous events can be an excuse for cruelty, and are there such events in general?

3. Point Out That Racial Inequality Is Still a Global Problem

Unfortunately, racial inequality is still a problem in modern society. Historical experience allows you to show the child that this problem has never led to anything good and that it should not take place in the modern world. From time to time, it is vital for adults to remember how this problem was in the past and not to forget the bitter and even bloody experience.

A good historical example from the 18th century is the 1831 uprising of Nat Turner. This rebellion led to a tightening and limitation of the rights of blacks, as well as real horror and a sense of fear among slaveholders. Despite the tragedy and cruelty of this event, it cannot be erased from history, and, with the right presentation, based on the age of the child, the problem of racism can be correctly explained. This uprising is one of the most significant uprisings of their US History, which became the starting point for the abolition of serfdom, even though decades will pass before this event.

Depending on the age of the child, you can trace the prints of this event in the modern world. Can the events taking place in America right now (end of May – the beginning of June 2020) indicate that the problem of racism is not defeated?

4. Develop Patriotism

The development of a highly conscious patriotic personality is possible through the study of history. It is imperative for a child to know the history of the country, to understand the culture, and the ways world events contributed to this.

Many specialists believe that the decline in general culture among young people is directly related to the lack of development of patriotic morality. For this reason, parents need to show own child what efforts the ancestor required so that the modern world now exists.

  • The adoption of a constitution in 1787 can be considered an ideal beginning for the development of patriotism in a child. It is worth mentioning that this is the first constitution in the world in its modern understanding, which will certainly cause pride in the child’s homeland. Moreover, everyone should know the history of their country.
  • You can also discuss the events of 1786, namely, the Shays Rebellion. Contrary to the promises of the leaders of the revolution, citizens did not benefit from disconnection from England and began to demand the legal distribution of land, fair taxation. This rebellion was a reform of the entire US government.

5. Show How Social Views Can Be Changed

History analyzes past events and allows people to evaluate the complex web of causes. This understanding allows us to evaluate and realize what is happening in the modern world. History develops analytical skills, contributes to the development of critical thinking. Also, the study of history allows kids to properly process and perceive information.

We recommend that you do not pass by such a historical event as the Second Great Awakening of 1821. This event has changed the mindset of most of America's population. This event is a mass social movement of Christians. Christian public organizations on their own initiative began to fight against slavery, drunkenness, and other anti-moral phenomena in society. This movement was the starting point for creating a tradition of social responsibility of people. This is a good historical example for your child in terms of the overall development and development of historical thinking.


The task of every person who teaches history is not the process of memorizing dates, but learning to understand the processes. As for children, it is very necessary to arouse interest in studying the subject, to explain the relationship between the past and the future. Historical thinking is extremely necessary and it is possible to develop it (and get even more benefits from studying) with the help of historical events of the 18th century.

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