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Nowadays, everyone holds a smartphone to do everyday activities such as messaging a friend or paying the bills. And it is hard to imagine that such a technological miracle was just an idea a couple of decades ago. Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell, we can keep in touch with the world even during the lockdown and communicate with our family and close people every day.

After the launch of a big and uncomfy cell phone by Martin Cooper, other manufacturers got inspired to ‘outplay’ the forerunner. Prototypes were getting better and better. Attempts by Motorola, for instance, were a huge breakthrough as for the 1980s-1990s. One of them that resembles the modern version of a mobile phone – the famous Motorola MicroTac – had been a surprise for the humanity of that age due to its pocket size, little weight, and better transportability. This version presented a new kind of standards for the world’s cell phone production and was followed by practically all models in the early 2000s.

Luckily, today, with smartphones like the iPhone, there are no problems with a cell connection. What is more, this device is a great tool that replaced many other gadgets for us – a calculator, alarm clock, and even a cookbook.

Where to Get Accessories for a Smartphone of a High Quality

While having these technological facilities, many iPhone users ask the question ‘How to let it serve longer and better?’ To make the life of a gadget last long, many tools have been invented, including accessories such as cases.

To prevent scratches and other mechanical damage, phone cases are often bought and changed by smartphone users. However, nowadays, a phone case is more than just a protective accessory – with its help, you can add up to your style or highlight the great taste.

Half-wooden alternatives of the usual plastic cases are especially highly valued now. Good examples of such models can be found at If you seek unique designs, plenty of natural materials in the mobile case, and extra durability, then a WOODGRAW iPhone 12 Pro wood case is the best one for you.