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In the current day and age, movies sit dead center of the entertainment business with billions of dollars in revenue that trail the industry’s success. Over time, we have seen a lot of movies feature hidden hints dubbed “Easter eggs” that make sense in a sequel or another film by the same filmmakers or producers.

However, the film world is full of other deeper secrets that are not openly revealed to players with some being mistakes. Here are some of the weirdest trove of facts there are about some of the biggest movies.

1. Runner Runner Sparked Ben Affleck’s Gambling Interests

Ben Affleck, who is known for his passion for gambling websites, is far from a small-time Hollywood actor with accolades for appearances in big films like Batman, Argo, and Pearl Harbor. In 2011, the star featured in the gambling film Runner Runner where he plays the role of Ivan Block, an online gambling tycoon. Even though the film’s script was mostly based on poker, Affleck gained a liking for blackjack after learning one could play around with the odds to win. He mastered the art of card counting to improve his odds and has since been a master in the game. Affleck is so good that he has been requested by several Las Vegas casinos not to play blackjack but can indulge in other games and services to avoid him milking the tables dry.

2.Ratatouille Spiked Pet Rat Sales

The 2007 Ratatouille film transformed rats from vermin animals viewed as pests to lovable and cuddly animals. Once the film was released, a lot of pet stores recorded a jump in sales up to 50% with kids asking their parents to get them one. The same case happened with clownfish after the release of Finding Nemo, and Australian reefs lost up to 75% of the animals due to domestication.

3. Paranormal Activity is the Most Profitable Film in History

Paranormal Activity ranks high in the horror-loving community, which is attested by the decent sales it made when it was released. The film grossed about 89 million dollars in revenue, which is not the best amount, but it still makes it the most profitable movie ever released. This is all thanks to the small budget of 60,000 dollars that was used in production and an additional 400,000 in marketing. But the could easily earn more money at The profit margin for the film was a staggering 19,758%.

4. Oscar Winners Were Announced Beforehand

When the Academy Awards was still in its early years, the organizers provided newspapers with the names of the winners before the ceremony. They would then be published at 11 pm, after which the winners would have been announced at the ceremony. This practice was broken when The LA Times revealed the winner for one of the statues before it had been handed out. The rules were changed to leave everyone in the dark until the event took place.

5.Stephen Hawkins on The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawkins was so impressed by the film The Theory of Everything that is an autobiography of him. He even wrote to the director of the film and confessed that Eddie Redmayne’s depiction of him was so convincing that sometimes he thought he was watching himself. He also provided his signed thesis to be used as a real prop in the film.

6.Real Workers as Props

During the filming of Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the St. Paul’s Cathedral where some scenes were shot had construction going on. Rather than interrupting their work, the director had them wear period-appropriate clothes and use tools of the time to continue with their work. Therefore, the workers spotted in the background in the final film are real workers.

7.A Legendary Actor in the Works

Leonardo Di Caprio has earned himself a big name in Hollywood for several decades now for taking his characters very seriously. When shooting Django Unchained, the actor accidentally broke a stemmed glass while slamming a hammer to the table intending to smash his hand. Instead of breaking character, he proceeded to finish the scene, and his bloody hand can be seen in the final cut. The set was so impressed that he got a standing ovation once it was done.

8.The Making of The Joker

The Joker is undeniably the most legendary villain of the DC universe, and Heath Ledger only pushed this point home. To best prepare for his role, Ledger spent six weeks in a hotel where he secluded himself to understand the villain’s psychology. During this time, he developed the legendary sadistic laugh that the character is well-known for to date.

9. Henry Cavill as Superman Is All Him

 Henry Cavill as Superman in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Henry Cavill as Superman in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In most cases, superheroes have their bodies digitally altered to make them looked muscled up. That was not the case with Henry Cavill who played Superman in Man of Steel. Not only did he turn down the use of CGI to make him look bigger, but he also refused to go on steroids so that his muscles could be more prominent. He said that instead of lying to his audience, he would push his body to its limits and achieve the desired physique.

10. Timed to the Second

The Titanic tragedy is one of the saddest events in history and also the inspiration for one of the grandest films of all time. In the movie Titanic, the scenes of the flashbacks of the 1912 tragedy last two hours and forty minutes, which is the same time it took for the ship to sink. Also, the iceberg collision lasted thirty-seven seconds, which is also accurate in the film.

11. David Kaluuya’s Crying Expertise

David Kaluuya broke into the movie world with the film Black Panther, but he cemented his place as a revered star with the film Get Out. He was handed the role easily by landing an important audition five times in a row. In the scene, where he is required to cry, a tear dropped from his eye at the exact time with each take.

12. Missing Tooth

The famous actor Ed Helms actually misses an incisor tooth, which made it easy to film the scene in The Hangover where his character Stu loses a tooth. All they had to do was take out his fake incisor.


Movies continue to be pumped out at an amazing rate, which means there are numerous other strange facts out there and a lot more to be discovered in the films to come.