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Several traditional universities have built their reputation for centuries. They combine long history, tradition with powerful research possibilities, and educational opportunities. There is always something magnificent in universities established in the 18th century. Here are some fascinating universities that are still welcoming students. They offer classic courses together with the new programs. 

Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg, Germany

This institution opened its doors in 1742. It remains a well-respected public research university. Nowadays it has 5 faculties and 23 different departments. It has a brilliant reputation, especially in the fields of Engineering and Computer Sciences. It started with four faculties. Some of them are open till these days – Law, Medicine, and Theology. So a present student can take a traditional course in Medicine or Philosophy. There are also many famous alumni. For example, Hans Geiger, Otto Friedrich Ranke, Harald zur Hausen (Nobel Prize in Medicine), Emmy Noether, and many others. The classic 18-century campus and university building are stunning with their architecture. 



Saint Petersburg State University, Russia 

This is one of the oldest Russian universities that started teaching in 1724. The main focus of this institution has always been in science and engineering. Nowadays it has 24 faculties and two main campuses. It is well-known all over the world due to strong educational programs and many famous alumni. Eight graduates of this university have won Nobel Prizes, including Ivan Pavlov, Ilya Mechnikov and Lev Landau. Another prominent alumina is Ayn Rand, the American novelist. The traditional courses include Mathematics and Physics. 


University of Malta, Malta

This is a well-respected public higher education institution in Malta. Dating back to 1769, this university remains one of the most prominent ones in Europe. It was built on the base of Jesuit College that was functioning from 1592. The old university building (1595-1597) has a stunning architecture. It is quite popular among international students and hosts the Erasmus program. Students from more than 80 countries of the world study here. The University of Malta is a multicultural space. It has 14 faculties; some of the traditional ones are Health Sciences, Arts, Law, and Theology. 



Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

It started teaching in 1782, that’s why it is the oldest institute of technology in the world. This institution was first to train engineers at the higher education level, so there is no better place to study technology. It remains well-respected till these days. It provides courses in 5 languages and has students from all over the world. The Faculty of Civil Engineering was founded from the beginning, in 1782 and remains the core of the university today. It has three Nobel laureates among alumni, namely Denes Gabor, George Olah, and Jeno Wigner. It has a magnificent library and all the research possibilities to their students and professors.



Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

It is one of the oldest technical universities in the world that was founded in 1773 under the auspice of Sultan Mustafa III. It is primarily known for strong programs in engineering and technology and is one of the top European institutions. Nowadays, it has 13 colleges and 12 research centers that play a prominent role in modern science. From the very establishment, it’s main focus was shipbuilding and ocean engineering. Then it expanded to technical military science and architecture. Among alumni, there are three presidents and one prime-minister of Turkey. The traditional engineering programs are still taught here with the use of the most recent knowledge. 



These five institutions are perfect examples of establishments which provide traditional education. They also go along with the development of science. They provide amazing programs and courses. All of them have fascinating research centers and libraries which attract international students that look for knowledge. 


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