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European countries started gambling many centuries ago. However, most of the games that were played were not defined. The 18th century brought a major revolution in the gambling industry in many countries in Europe, especially France. Numerous gambling games that are played today were defined in this century. It is also the time when most gambling games were associated with different classes.

Although there is a big difference today since anyone can access a game of their choice online, we still feel the effects of the 18th century. To understand this in a better way, let us look at gaming in France during this time.

A Brief History

Card games became popular between 1720 and 1770. The cards had the images of kings who reigned during these times. In fact, these are still the same images that we see on these cards today. They displayed the cards in the deck as they enjoyed different types of gambling games. Notably, these were games for the rich only, who could afford to hang out in salons, city squares and gambling dungeons. This lifestyle became so admired by many people that the wealthy in other kingdoms came to France to learn the art of playing these games. Soon, it became a habit both in Paris and other neighboring kingdoms.

Popular Games

Paris had become so influential as far as gambling is concerned that people came from far and wide to learn and emulate these interesting social events. The people who could afford this lifestyle were the rich, who also had the free time to engage in gambling.

·         Bingo (le lotto) - most of us know about the online bingo games that are frequently played today. As we enjoy them on the Cheers Bingo website, it is worth noting that history is deep. The game was previously known as le lotto, and it was developed by some of the most elite people in Paris. After all, it is a game of matching numbers that are called at random.

·         Cards - although many games like baccarat were not defined then, cards were popular games in many places in Paris. The rich would meet in restaurants and casinos to play different card games of their choice. Some decks would carry as many as 40 cards, which is also common today. Some would bet while others would only play to pass the time.

Charging for the Games

Gambling in Paris soon became a booming business in the 18th century as owners of various social joints saw it as an opportunity. Although people played against each other as opposed to playing against the house, they could pay for the space and provision of cards or other facilities. Casinos established by the rich started to crop up, and people no longer had to play against each other all the time. It was then possible to play against the house for most of the popular games in Paris.


Gambling is an old social activity that is not only interesting but also addictive. As you enjoy bingo, baccarat or any other game in your favorite casino, you now know that Paris played an important role in shaping what is there today.

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