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Horse Racing is a long and renowned background; it has been the most famous practice during the historical background across the world. This game has been famed and is the oldest game of the ancestors. During the past, people expose the quality of courage and show their vigorous behavior. It is estimated that 3000 to 3500 BC in Kazakhstan.  It is a sport which is based on the equestrian performance.

In this, two or sometimes more horses with their racers are invited for participating in the competition. It shows that which horse is faster than others. It is like a tradition in most of the countries. The racers select some breeds for themselves this will help them clear their obstacles on different distances. It consists of various sets of horses and racers who compete for each other. They cross their finish line initially and make them win the race. The racers select the different variety of track surfaces and run through gaits of various sizes with their horses.

The roots of horse racing

Horse racing has their stems in ancient cultures that include Babylon, Egypt, Persia, and Greece. In the early days, people use horses for pulling their chariots. It is nothing needs to say that there is the difference in modern racing and has made an essential part of the modern tradition and with excellent reason. This has an eminent value among the sports because it brings thrill and adventure in the life of the participants. Horse racing is famous for its traditional value and has been liked in thousand of days.  Some people are familiar with the breeders cup entries and offering the best to their clients.

Different types of horse racing include:

·         Flat Racing is a type of racing where the horses only gallop directly. They practice this among only two places or points, which will be on the straight and oval track of the club.

·         Jump racing has another name of Steeplechasing. This type is mostly played in the countries in the U.K. and Ireland.  National Hunt racing takes place where the horse’s race on the obstacles.

·         Racing of Endurance or Endurance racing: This type of racing makes the horses travel to different countries. It will be of extreme duration and long distances.

·         Last but not the least is Harness racing: In this horses trot while a driver was pulled in the sulky.

Various types of horse breeds and tracks

Various breeds and species are developed for participating in the horse racing. All the racing are very much in the hearts of the racer, but Flat racing is more than other.  These racing are most common in the world. The tracks are available in different shapes like an oval. One can easily get this type in Great Britain and Ireland.


Varieties of tracks are seen in different places like in North America and Asia. It is often seen that in reputed races, horses have the same weight and carry the beauty. There are even allowances fixed for younger horses and female horses that are running against the males.



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