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In the 18th century; marriage, family life, economic conditions and the circumstances are being linked with each other. In all these, the social status is also an important part. All the families in the 18th century belong to the middle class.

This status of the middle-class family was not present before 1700. Earlier in this century, the people who were living, either belongs to the wealthy class or to the poor section of the society. The rise of the middle-class people started in the early years of 18th century and slowly they cover the whole area. The strata of people who belong to this section were generally the businessmen, craftsmen, doctors or the smiths. The impact of the middle class was huge on the families.

History says that the 18th century was the time that showed much advancement in the field of science, technology, medicine and much more. Though people belong to the middle class, they enjoyed life to the fullest. If you go through the history book pages, you will see that women and men belonging to the upper class mainly marry for love. Actually, the women marry for the financial status and various social reasons. Women who lead a healthy and wealthy life before marriage, they practically chose a wealthy family to get married.

The self-respecting gentlemen even do not marry the women belonging to the poor family. This is due to the fact that men thought women belonging to the poor class do not have class or possess social grace to marry a man belonging to the higher class of the society. When a man used to marry a woman belonging to the poor class, the man was likely to hear lots of humiliation from the parents and even from the society. You can get lots of information and facts regarding the marriage life from the history book.

The strictness was confined with the upper strata of people, though the people belonging to the middle class were free to marry the ones of their choices. Though, it is not so sensible for the woman belonging to the middle class to marry someone who is poor as the children will be raised in acute poverty. Yet, if she found happiness in this, she can marry one of her choices. There was no such social binding. In the beginning of the 18t century, the middle class does not exist. The lower class had to work very hard to earn the money for their daily life. The school was the very place where only the upper class can go. But, after the Industrial Revolution, the whole thing changed. The middle class became the most important category and they rule the entire place. The dominant member of the family was the father who was to control everything.

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