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The further back into the past you go, the more surprising and alien are the things that they used to do there. We find this sometimes even with our parents, or our grandparents. The idea that homes never used to have bathrooms inside the house! Living without a fridge! Never having a TV! It’s a wonder really just how quickly things have changed in the technological world over the last one hundred years, but not many people know that actually, the area that has changed the most in that time has been health.

Many of the medicines that we depend on today simply did not exist fifty years ago, let alone one hundred years ago, and dental technology, in particular, is speeding along at a rapid pace. So what did people do in the 1700s in order to keep their teeth nice and healthy? What did dental hygiene look like for people then?

Well, to start with, it is unlikely that we would call what happened then to teeth dental hygiene! In the early 1700s, any tooth care was still carried out by a ‘barber-surgeon’. This was a man – and yes, almost always a man – who would be able to offer you a haircut, bloodletting, and tooth removal all in one appointment. They even offered embalming too! This was a typical state of affairs, and it made sense to people at the time because only someone who was cutting hair was going to have the relevant tools to cut and bleed people which were done for health reasons. This just seemed to continue onwards, and yet by the middle of the 1700s, there had been a shift in dental understanding.

The key change in mindset was the idea that teeth could become diseased and should be removed from the mouth in order to prevent other teeth from getting diseased too. This is not a bad understanding when you consider that they had no testing, no microscopes, and a very limited set of tools. This means that by the middle of the 1700s, the primary way to care for one’s teeth if there was any pain was to get the painful tooth removed, and a false tooth or dentures put in its place to give the appearance of a full set of teeth. It was also during this time that it was realized that sugar was the primary source of these diseases, and so people started to learn that their diet was the biggest influence on their teeth’s health – though they would still use street urchins to pull out their healthy teeth to put in rich people’s mouths!

If any of these sound horrendous to you, then you are not alone! We should be incredibly thankful that dental technology and understanding has come a long way since then, and to be honest, even in the last few years there have been huge advancements in the way that we understand how we can keep our teeth clean, and heal them if they have problems. Brighton Dental San Diego certainly isn't living in the past when it comes to dental treatments – if anything, quite the opposite! They are on the cutting edge of new techniques that are able to help even more patients than ever before, which is probably why it can be so difficult for someone to become a patient of Brighton Dental San Diego practice. However, there is always a chance, so if you want to move on from the old fashioned ways of your current dentist (though hopefully not as old as the 1700s!) then make sure that you give the Brighton Dental San Diego a call today!