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Much has changed over the years to businesses. Business advanced suddenly and refused to stop. Nowadays businesses are run very differently compared to how the used to be:

Have access to better technology

In the 1700s nothing was made in mass. It was made by hand at the pace of the maker and these people were considered artists for what they did. In both England and America, agriculture and farming was the industry that supplied the most jobs. All of these jobs were done by hand with the occasional help of animals or a well-made tool.

One of the most important inventions that changed modern industry was the assembly line which was first installed in 1913 by Henry Ford. This was the start of efficient mass production which led to modern society and industry. Even more impressive technologies have been improving our businesses and more are being introduced all the time. Rather than just having the internet, many companies can even have a leased line to access the internet privately. If you’re interested in Leased Line Cost then you can look online to see how it could improve your business.

These technologies have also created new industries and job sectors which has in turn created more jobs. People now have far more opportunities to work than they did in the 1700s.

Safer working environments

It’s not fair to say that the company bosses in the 1700s sacrificed their employees for the sake of money. But, back in the 18th century, there were very few workplace laws, so many bosses got away with simply not caring. Child labour situations were especially cruel and dangerous. Children as young as eight were forced into dark and hazardous coal mines or forced to fix machinery while it was still in operation. Many workplaces were also very unsanitary and even a small work related injury could become fatal. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that health and safety laws were considered and it wasn’t until the mid19th century that they were put into practice.  So much has changed since then and now the health and safety of employee s is a top priority in most companies. Employees aren’t into dangerous situations without the proper training and equipment and children have been excluded from the British workforce indefinitely.

Less local, more global

In the 1700s, the only money many businesses made was from local customers. The only way to sell your goods to someone was to design a pleasant display for your business, perhaps pay for a small advertisement in the morning newspaper, and then wait for people to walk in. Business was all about showmanship and offering the customer everything you could because with a following of local customers your business would die quickly.

However, thanks to the internet, there are many businesses now that don’t even have a physical place of work. They work online, selling their goods to people all over the world. Local customers don’t equate to much nowadays. All of the money is found in online customers, which is why many businesses today get online and get on the internet before they even have a place to work.