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Children learn technical skills using technology as well as develop their social and cognitive abilities.


Recognize technology

ISTE has established certain standards to introduce technology to children of pre-kindergarten to second grade including drawing helper app.

·         Use of input and output devices to operate computers, audiotapes, and other technologies

·         Employ different media & technology resources for independent learning activities

·         Talk about the technology using accurate terminology

·         Apply developmental multimedia resources like educational software, interactive books, elementary encyclopedia and more to support learning

·         When using technology, demonstrate positive ethical and social behavior

·         Work cooperatively and collaboratively with family members, peers and others while applying technology in classroom

·         Practice the usage of technology systems & software responsibly

Improve social skills

Initially, some educators had expressed their concerns that computers may decrease socialization. On the other hand, research reports a significant increase in communication between children. Shy children use computer as a catalyst for sharing information, making decision, and developing language.

Social interactions through computers include activities like ask for help, provide information, commenting on one another’s action and even disagreeing. Children naturally assist one another, while using a computer. In a computer classroom (where children are allowed to use PC with a friend), they find friends, help them and take turns in playing games.

Some kids turn classroom experts and become tutors of their classmates. An expert is not the most proficient student at academics, but has gained communication as well as social skills by helping other classmates. In the past, he/she may have been ignored, but is now sought after, because other classmates find him/her to be a computer expert.

Cognitive development

Computer is a beneficial tool that helps children in developing their cognitive abilities.

·         Computers motivate juniors and they give 100% time on-task behavior

·         Children can work independently and conveniently on computers

·         Software programs aim at providing wide-ranging scaffolding on learning. Scaffolding includes a range of instructional techniques applied to push students more and more towards strong understanding. Ultimately, make them independent and develop cognitive skills

·         Children get access to the world’s largest information bank, thus take part in recreation and influence the variables not possible in real world

When technology is blended with other classroom activities best academic results can be attained. Research indicates that employing a computer with supportive concrete items increases kid’s skills more than applying computer or items alone.