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_William Franklin to the Printer of the Citizen: A Defense of the Quakers and the Pennsylvania Assembly_

_Some Account of the late Disputes between the Assembly of_ Pensylvania, _and their present Governor_ William Denny, _Esq;_

In our _Magazine_, _Vol._ xxv. p. 87 _Vol._ xxvi. _p._ 28. we have given a very particular account of the disputes between the assembly of _Pensylvania_ and the late Governor _Morris_, which had exactly the same cause, and produced exactly the same effects, as the late dispute between this assembly and Mr _Denny_.

The acting governor, who is only lieutenant governor, besides the royal instructions, receives instructions from the proprietaries. By these proprietary instructions the governor is required not to pass any bill for taxing their quit rents, their located unimproved lands, and their purchase money at interest, but the assembly have ever been determined to frame no money bill, in which these quit rents, lands, and money shall be exempted, for the following reasons.

1st, Because they conceive that neither the proprietaries nor any other power on earth, ought to interfere between them and their sovereign, either to modify or refuse their free gifts and grants for his majesty's service.