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The text is taken from the printed "Sterling Edition" of Carlyle's Complete Works, in 20 volumes, with the following modifications made in the etext version: Italicized text is delimited by underscores, _thusly_. The footnote (there is only one) has been embedded directly into text, in brackets, [thusly]. Greek text has been transliterated into Latin characters with the notation [Gr.] juxtaposed. Otherwise, the punctuation and spelling of the print version have been retained.


Lecture I. The Hero As Divinity. Odin. Paganism: Scandinavian Mythology.

Lecture II. The Hero As Prophet. Mahomet: Islam.

Lecture III. The Hero As Poet. Dante: Shakespeare.

Lecture IV. The Hero As Priest. Luther; Reformation: Knox; Puritanism.

Lecture V. The Hero As Man Of Letters. Johnson, Rousseau, Burns.

Lecture VI. The Hero As King. Cromwell, Napoleon: Modern Revolutionism.

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Etext Prepared by Ron Burkey