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Many decide to visit Denmark every year for its wealth of culture and history. Here are five of the top historical sites you need to visit when in Denmark.

Frederiksberg Castle

Taking a trip to the Frederiskborg Castle is a must-see when visiting Denmark. Regarded as one of the most prestigious historical sites in the country, the castle is located north of Copenhagen in the city of Hillerød. Built by the Danish King Christian IV back in the 17th century, the castle houses The Museum of National History, which is full of an array of beautiful furniture and historic paintings, giving tourists and visitors the chance to divulge and soak up the Danish culture over the past few centuries.

Church of Our Saviour

Known as one of the most famous churches in Denmark, the Church of Our Saviour is a popular historical landmark to visit. With a serpentine spire being installed in 1752, this has resulted in the church becoming a popular attraction to visit. To reach the top of the church, you must climb 400 steps, where you are then greeted with a statue of Our Saviour Himself, who overlooks the city of Copenhagen. 60,000 tourists and visitors climb the steps each year to get the best view of Copenhagen.

Rosenborg Castle

The Rosenborg Castle is known as a royal heritage site, set in the King’s Garden of Copenhagen. The Castle is enriched in history spanning over 400 years, full of royal art treasures and spectacular decorations. When visiting the castle, visitors can get a real insight into the King’s reign, getting access to his private writing cabinet and bathroom. The castle also features a collection of royal portraits and monuments that date back hundreds of years. Also, bear in mind that a fee is required for adults to visit the castle.

Roskilde Cathedral

Being featured on the UNESCO world heritage list, the Roskilde Cathedral is unique and medieval, set in the east of Denmark on the island of Zealand. The cathedral is enriched in history with church buildings being situated on the grounds for over 1,000 years. The cathedral was known as the royal resting place for many years, ensuring the site is full of historical facts and architecture. Also, the cathedral is easily accessible with Roskilde train station being located just a 10 minutes’ walk away.

Kronborg Castle

Known as the most famous Danish castle, the Kronborg Castle is instantly recognized worldwide due to its inclusion in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Situated in northern Zealand, the castles original use was to protect Danish land from attackers and was also home to royalty until the end of the 16th century. Tourists are able to explore inside the castle and take in the royal decorated rooms, as well as many monumental statues such as Ogier the Dane. There are also other interesting historical sites such as the Bjaeldskovdal bog which give you more of an insight into the history of Denmark.

With many more historical sites to check out in Denmark, make sure you look online at the types of historical sites that are suited to you, ensuring your visit to the country is full of cultural and historical value.