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A good history essay should comprise these three things- relevance, structure and self- expression. It is also important to provide all the necessary information, presented in an organized and intellectual manner.

You can get help from in writing insightful and detailed history essays, if you are planning to write one yourself for the first time.  Your essay should demonstrate your writing skills as well as your understanding of the subject matter. There are certain things you must be mindful about, when you are writing a history article. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1) Preparing to write
You must spend some time assessing the essay question when you are beginning to write your history paper. You have to stick to the question that is being asked and respond appropriately with relevant historic dates and facts.  The key point of your essay should be clear enough, so that the rest of it is structured suitably around it. It is best if you make a proper plan of writing for your history topic.

2) Research
A good history essay requires a strong argument, which is backed up by solid proof. So you need to differentiate between the primary and secondary sources. Primary source materials are texts, films, pictures, or any other type of historical evidence produced in the ancient period, or by someone who was a part of the same era. Secondary source materials include, work done by historians or other writers who have analysed events in the past. You must find the necessary sources and evaluate your secondary sources to prove that they are genuine. You have to read critically and take down important notes wherever required.

3) Introduction

Starting with a strong first sentence, you have to outline the key point that you are about to highlight in your history essay.  No matter what topic of history you have selected for your paper, it is necessary for you to give a brief context before actually starting to write in detail.

4) Body of the Essay

Your essay should have a clear cut structure. You need to develop your argument based on the primary and secondary sources from your research.The sources have to be used appropriately
for your argument points to make sense and your essay to flow. You can discuss about specific case studies or write a brief overview of the case studies to make your essay more thought-provoking. The conclusion should be crisp and to the point.

5) Proofread and Evaluate

Once you have completed it, you have to read your essay thoroughly to check for accuracy of dates and facts, spell checks, typos, grammatical mistakes, overlong sentences, etc. Analysing whether or not the essay question is answered applicably and correctly is a very vital part of writing a good history essay. In the end, you should check your references and bibliography from the historic source materials that you have used for writing.

Following these useful guidelines, you can successfully compose a perfectly written, well-evidenced and succinctly summarised history essay.