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The reason we have resources that we can read today is as a result of writing. Today, there are quite a number of academic essay writer services today to help in producing good writing among students. This art of writing dates back many years ago. During the 18th century, the academic instruction in the area of writing focussed entirely on mechanics what has in modern days come to be known as conventions.

You could be wondering why your teachers expect you to write so many assignments in class. Couldn’t they ask just for a few written assignments? If you ask those who were there when written assignments became part of the curriculum, they will tell you that this is important in giving an accurate evaluation of students. In the 1700s, the focus was on handwriting, punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Your paper then would likely be assessed based on conformity of these mechanics and the accuracy of your content more than the creativity or style used. Here is how writing continued to advance throughout the centuries:


  • ·         19th century - As time went by, writing became increasingly important. This is why you need professional writing help today. During the 1840s, teachers were asked to test students not only by way of speech but also on paper.  This was considered to be a fair approach in grading them. One Horace Mann regarded the evaluation conducted through oral presentations as uneven and therefore unfair to students. The belief was built on the premise that writing could be reviewed in a more consistent manner.


  • ·         20th Century - In the 20th century, writing became such an important part of learning that saw a great revolution in the US’ education sector. The focus now was shifting from only looking at the product to the writing process.  The process of writing now rested on the idea that writing is a sophisticated and personalized task that can be defined through a number of recursive stages such as pre-writing, writing, editing and revision. This also included the craft concepts in each of these stages. These stages were modeled and taught to students like you. As you express yourself through this process, your teacher would point out the challenges you have with writing and offer suitable support and instruction to you.


  • In this approach, you would understand what writers do and at the same time learn different models and personal feedback on pieces being written.  During this time in the United States, students could choose individual topics to write to actual audiences. Towards the end of the 20th century, teaching writing shifted to writing for a particular purpose and specific audience. This is closely related to the writing across the curriculum movement of Britain.  These increasing demands let to the emergence of essay writer website services to help students learn this art.


  • ·         21st century – a lot is happening today in your day-to-day life at school. There is typically a lot to write about. This didn’t start yesterday. The 21st century still experienced further development in teaching writing. Since the start of the century, teachers have now been challenging students to write for understanding. This was brought about by the observation that many students needed explicit instruction both in the structures and in knowledge in order to construct meaning through writing.
  • To further develop your knowledge and understanding that can later be articulated both in spoken and written forms, you can make use of essay writer help available online today. Learning from those who have gone ahead of you is the secret. Just as the history of teaching has been built upon the developments in each century, you will need such kind of help to understand what you are supposed to do at this age.


Teaching writing at US schools has gone through many changes and today, your writing should not only present abstract facts but for understanding. This has further been developed through the advent of internet and technology where you can use online essay writers to learn more about the art.