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I am confident that each of you will confirm that everything that occurs in our lives has a certain reason, as well as each event, has a number of consequences. Does it mean that our past determines our future?

Maybe. Then, if the past and present are so closely connected, the whole life turns out to be the unfolding ball of our past mistakes, decisions, and achievements.

Everyone realizes that any actions influence the future. However, rarely anyone thinks about the key factors that directly affect our lives, and not many are able to realize which decision has caused a specific situation. Of course, there is a banal influence of one situation on the next one. And there are thousands of such situations! But it is worthwhile to understand that along with each event, action or even word we are not only influencing the present and future, more importantly – we gain invaluable experience, which is the biggest influencing factor.

How Does Our Past Affect Our Future?

To find the answer to this question, let’s take a look at the specific examples from the world’s history that took place in the 18th century that had influence on the future. Thus, instead of discussing individual examples, we will see a clearer image.

The 18th century, a period from 1679 to 1840, brought many significant, life-changing experiences to the people all around the globe and was a definite turning point in the history of mankind. How did it affect our present and future?

If we take a look at the USA during these years, we will see how many changes this century brought here, and it is hard to argue the fact that these changes took place in all spheres, including cultural, social, economic, and political. The Treaty of Utrecht (1713) between Britain, France, Spain, and Holland limited the territories of French and Spanish influence and objectively created the conditions in which the North American colonies could show greater political and economic initiative. This is the key event that gave a kick start to an upcoming revolution. Now, after more than two centuries, it’s hard to imagine how revolutionary this event was, in fact, it was the first revolution in the history that abolished the monarchical regime. The Old World was shocked: the people across the ocean realized that they had the ability to choose the form of government that suited their needs and almost everyone decided that the government should get power only with the consent of the governed. Then, in 1776, appeared The Declaration of Independence of the USA. Later, the Americans adopted their constitution and already in 1789, the reign of the first US President – George Washington had begun. This was the birth of democracy, which had an enormous effect on the future of this country and the rest of the world!

The changes did not bypass еру other countries. During the 18th century many events occurred that turned the flow of European and the world’s history upside down, including some of the key events that we all are aware of like the assault and taking of the Bastille, adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen and decrees on the abolition of the privileges of the estates and provinces in France.

There were also many cultural and scientific achievements. Some of the most influential inventions that had impact on the world’s future were a steam engine, created by Thomas Newcomen, and a mechanical loom. And what about the famous experiment of Benjamin Franklin! I believe everyone is aware of how in 1752, he launched a kite during a thunderstorm, which proved that the clouds contained electricity and led to an invention of a lightning rod that protects our houses from a thunderstorm even today. These and many other things have formed our modern world. And each of them impacted the future!

Final Words

Many people believe that the past cannot be returned or changed, which is true. However, our past never leaves us – it always follows us, and this is what explains the importance of memory. Why is memory important? Our world has many years of history. Each war, event, discovery, invention, win or failure – all of this influence our present and future and this is why it is important to understand and never forget the events that made our world as we see it.

How do we know our future? To conclude this article, I want to note that there is no way for us to find out what tomorrow holds for us; the past can have a powerful impact on your future, but only if you allow it happen. A person can return to the past in his memories, but can’t change the events that have occurred. However, in we are still the ones who create the future!



Author’s Bio: Paul Calderon is a former History professor from one of the British universities who is very passionate about this subject. Currently, Paul works at as an academic writer to help modern students enhance their knowledge of this subject, boost grades, and increase their interest in it. Being so passionate about the world’s history, Paul never stops discovering new things, and in this post, he tells us how history and the past determined our present and how can they influence the future of our planet and the humanity in general.