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In this selfish world, everyone can leave you in your hard time. Though he or she might be the person of the great trust to you, you never get the guarantee to get their company for all time.

But the only creature exists on this earth, can give you that guarantee is none but your loving pet dog. Death is the only barrier that can separate you from your pet dog. Because this supreme loyalty has been cultivated in the small skeleton of your dog since the very first of its evaluation. So, by nature, it’ll give you such kind of service just like its past generations had given to your past generations.

Evaluation of the friendship between dog and human by time cycle

Before Agriculture

33000 BC— It's the first time when the mighty relationship between a dog and a human-being develops in Asia.

10000 BC--- In this era, this relationship migrates to the Europe from Asia.

After Agriculture

After 10000 BC--- Newer and newer dimension of human-dog relationship has been spread all over the world.

Things that dogs have been doing for human for ages


From the core of human civilization, a pet dog is an essential company for hunting. The worth, loyalty and extreme bravery character of the pet dog is an outstanding asset for mankind from the eve of the civilization.

Chasing the cattle

Looking after the cattle is another valuable work of the pet dog for the mankind. For many and many years dogs are giving this service to the mankind. You may also take a German shepherd and provide him this responsibility with complete reliance.

Tracking hidden

From many years men have been using the outstanding smell energy of pet dogs for the searching of the hidden. Again, in search of the offenders, dogs have been also used from the early age of human civilization. Now you can also use the smelling power of your pet dog for the rescue work.

Pet dogs in Human Literature

Buck in The Call of the Wild

A well-known masterpiece of human literature, created by Jack London. You’ll find here the complete life-event of a St. Bernard dog, called Buck. After reading this book, you'll realize what mighty a dog actually can do for his owner. The evaluation of the dog (Buck) can motivate you to look forward. The love and sacrifice of buck will bring out your tear.

Enzo in The Earth of Racing in the Rain

Another masterpiece of the American novelist Garth Stein. This novel will show you how passionate a dog can be for his owner. Enzo’s owner, Denny Swift is a car racer and so Enzo’s favorite program in TV is nothing but car racing. Even, Enzo remains with Denny in all the struggles in his life from the very beginning.

Old Yeller in Old Yeller

Fred Gipson has blessed this earth with another wonderful novel called Old Yeller. Apparently, Old Yeller, a dog, is the hero of the novel. Though Travis, a little boy, is the owner of Old Yeller, once Old Yeller fills up the position of Travis' absent father. This novel will amazingly show you, how a rascal dog can achieve the place of the parent of a human being.

Evaluation of dog breeds for the necessity of human being

·         German Shepherd

A loyal, highly intelligent dog breed originated in Germany. Ordinary shepherd dogs are subjected to breed with intelligent breeds and this breed has been created. It’ll provide you extreme loyalty and wonderful company while hunting and protecting your house.

·         Husky

A very cute dog breed especially for snow area. It contains extreme strength and energy. It may serve you by bearing sled in the snow.

·         Poodles

Another cute dog breed developed especially for entertainment. Its friendly nature will accompany you nicely and fill your pastimes with great pleasure.

·         Golden Retriever

It's a very ancient dog breed, developed in North America. It's greatly famous for its jolly and friendly mood. Its company will be quite exciting for both your children and yours'.

The Bottom Line

The relation between you and your pet dog probably the mightiest relation after your own kids. No relations probably bear such kind of emotions and mutual understanding. This is one of the most age-old relations between human and other creatures. But no other human-creature relation hasn't touched the appeal of it till now. It's been started with the human civilization and it'll also remain with human civilization forever.

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