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History is rich in prominent famous historical figures we admire since our childhood. At school children are inspired with feats of popular heroes, but none of us is not certain whether they really existed.

The truth of the matter is that each nation and each folk need their own heroes to cherish their heroic feats in historical songs, fairy tales, and ballads and, in this way, shows the privilege of one nation over the others. The Lady History fouls the trail skillfully and puts off the scent as soon as we try to find out the way to distinguish real fact from a mystery. Who are these famous fake historical characters? What did they become famous for? Did mythical characters really exist and what we know about them? Here are some facts from a highly recommended Internet page about famous historical persons who probably never existed.

Uncle Sam


No doubt that it is the most famous uncle in the whole world. Uncle Sam is a United States character usually depicted as an old man with firm face features, old-fashioned beard and with a top hat colored in US flag colors. Firstly, this style became popular due to the famous painter Thomas Nast. As a matter of fact, the image of Uncle Sam is satiric and comical. But at the same time, it was used during the patriotic propaganda. The peak of its popularity Uncle Sam obtained during the World War I right after the cards, where Uncle Sam was inviting volunteers to join American Army. Unfortunately, it is impossible to discover the real history of Uncle Sam, but American folklore proclaims that Uncle Sam was a butcher named Samuel Wilson. It has commonly been assumed that he provided New York military base Troy with a provision. Samuel Wilson marked meat barrels with letters U.S., meaning the United States, but soldiers were kidding that the barrels were from Uncle Sam.


William Shakespeare


One of the most controversial and mysterious persons in the world of literature and history. There are different views and thoughts about Shakespeare’s biography. The most scholars and famous historians tend to suppose that William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in the family of wealthy, but not noble and influential people. He was a member of the actor troupe. Alongside this version, there is another one. The followers of the last version tend to suppose, that “William Shakespeare” is a pseudonym of another person or even a group of individuals. The doubts concerning traditional point of view have been known since XVIII century. Moreover, people, who tend to deny the Shakespeare’s authorship, hesitate about the real author of Shakespeare’s works.

By the way, William Shakespeare is the world’s famous dramatist and playwright. He is the author of 17 comedies, 10 Chronicles, 11 tragedies, 5 poems and 154 sonnets. William Shakespeare is proclaimed as one of the most prominent English dramatists of all the times. But despite his popularity, William Shakespeare’s biography has lots of empty spots, which Картинки по запросу William Shakespeare
gives us a reason to doubt his actual existence.