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In the world, we are living today nothing is secure or stable. Markets crash and governments are overturned at every point. There are very few things that can stand the test of time. Imagine being an accountant but the company you work for closes shop!

You would be left jobless and starting from square one all over again. One of the best career moves to make would be to get a degree in the arts.

Yes, Arts! It may seem like an outdated degree don’t you think? That is what runs through the minds of so many people when they think of arts students. When we think about some of the highest paying jobs in the country we do not think neurosurgeon first we think artists.

Creative arts have produced some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world. Our world is becoming more complex by the day and it is therefore unfortunate that most of our young people are being steered towards specifying in one field or learning one task.

Studies have shown that the average salary for an arts student straight out of college is $36,222. This is the average amount they get despite being seen as one of the lowest earning courses out there. If you are wondering what that compares to, a teacher or someone with a degree in biology earns way less than that.

It doesn’t stop there as the ones who have studied art and design are part of the most important parts of the economic sector. At mid-career the salary obviously increases. The architects, industrial designers and fashion designers earn around $77,000 on average.

You would be surprised that this is a larger amount than the one earned by those accountants you see at the bank or the ones who hold a degree I in business administration or human resource.

If you think this just got interesting then hold on to your seat. The people who make apps seem easier to work with or an item easily found on a website are known as user-experience designers while others are known as design managers.

These people fetch approximately $90,000 in terms of salary. That seems a lot for people in the world of technology. The former C.E.O of Apple, Steve Jobs, once said that they valued technicians with a degree in arts. He went on to say that the way people who have a degree in arts think is required in the technology world. The skills taught in these course such as critical thinking are valuable to the creative and murky waters of technology. It is not always black and white in most careers and the students of art courses can maneuver that easily.

Already have a degree?

If you already have a degree in another field then trust us this will only boost your career further. There are endless options when it comes to arts. You can then improve or move into other sectors such as science or technology. You can even choose to do arts full time. Art pieces are sometimes sold for hundreds of thousands in one night. This could be the best decision ever made.