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There are many instances in a business where transcription is useful and necessary. You may need to transcribe the proceedings at a board meeting or note the points discussed in a conference call. You may want to take the content of a keynote speaker and put it into writing for the website. You may need to have notes from a disciplinary hearing transcribed for legal purposes.

Transcription is an essential although often overlooked the need for businesses. Many companies are turning to outside help for their transcription; outsourcing transcription to a transcription services company. There are numerous benefits attached to outsourcing transcription – here are just a few.

1. Reduce Overheads and Save Money 

At the heart of every outsourcing decision is money, and most companies are looking to save money on their transcription tasks when they outsource this part of their business. You can reduce the amount of money you have to pay hiring someone in-house to complete the task, or hire a transcriptionist on an ad-hoc basis. You reduce expenses and you increase your profitability overall.

2. Find Specialised Skills

Transcription can be difficult. It requires specialist skills, which may not be present in your organisation. So transcription services companies step in to fill the gap. You get access to the skilled professionals that you need to complete the job to a high standard.

3. Free Time and Manpower

Using a transcription services company means you, or the person who was previously in charge of transcription can concentrate on other areas of the business. You can focus on more profitable tasks and use the extra time to grow the business and expand your reach.

4. Reduce Burden on HR

When outsourcing transcription you don´t have to worry about hiring staff when transcriptionists leave, and you, therefore, get rid of an extra task for the HR department, which leaves them more free to focus on other work.

5. Get Rid of IT Worries

Many transcription software packages are difficult to use and require upgrades and updates on a regular basis which adds to your IT expenses. Using a specialised transcription services company means you don´t have to worry about IT for this task.

6. Access Customer Support and Help

Using a dedicated transcription services provider means your questions are answered swiftly, and any issues you may be having with transcriptions are resolved quickly. You have less stress and less hassle.